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Belize-ToursFor those who love nature, adventure, and discovery, Belize Tours have a lot of offer. Found at the heart of the ancient world is Belize, a country located on the coast of Central America. It is known to have pronounced wet and dry seasons, with some variations in weather patterns by region. More than half of its land is covered with forest and natural resources which create a rich biodiversity of marine and terrestrial life.

Its economy is based primarily on agriculture, agro-based industries, and merchandising. It is also the only nation in Central America where English is the official language. It is a very lightly populated country with its people historically recognized to be the descendants of the Maya civilization.

The Mayans are known to be one of Belize’s original settlers. They introduced well-built temples, pyramids, caves, and other unique archaeological features. Within its rainforests lie the most extensive cave systems in Central America which the Mayans considered to be important portals to the other world. They once used the dark portions of their caves for their sacred ceremonies.

The Mayans most popularly known at this time because of their calendar which has given rise to a myth pertaining to the end of the world. However, primitive Mayans were unfortunately believed to have slowly perished due to 200 continuous years of drought. Nevertheless, this civilization made a huge contribution to the beauty of this world.

Though their culture goes back thousands of years ago, it was just relatively recent that some of the most important remains of their culture have been discovered. Today, their remnants are everywhere. For that reason, Belize Tours are undeniably assuming a greater importance in society.

In this generation, Belize is the pride of mother nature. It is where you can have the wonders of the world all to yourself. There is a wide range of diversity of resources beneath the ground, on land,and under the sea. It has a spectacular richness of marine life, towering trees, swaying floras, exotic animals, and lush mountain vistas. It is believed to be among the few places on Earth that have been left unspoiled. Although many have already been discovered, there are still so many secrets in Belize that have yet to be revealed to the world.

The spirit of Belize is known to lie within its rainforests where they serve as home to marvelous plants and animals. The sound of nature with its beautiful rhythm tends to surround the jungles that gives a sense of peace to its visitors. The air of these rainforests is dense with the fragrance of thousands of blossoming trees. A visit to the rainforests will not be complete without having a stop-off at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary which is the world’s only Jaguar preserve. The underground attractions are also a must-see.

Saint Herman’s cave has fairyland structures and streams. There is also evidence that this location was used by the ancient Mayans. Not far from this cave is the Blue Hole which is believed to be a beautiful intriguing phenomenon. Visitors are amazed as a large body of water emerges from deep beneath a massive hill.

One Mayan archaeological site that is worth being proud of is the Altun Ha. Its name was given to the ruins of an ancient Maya City in Belize that was once a flourishing trading center. The Altun Ha is the most extensively excavated of all the Mayan centers in the country that served as an actual ceremonial center for the Mayans.

Altun Ha also contained the ornately carved head of the Mayan’s sun god Kinich Ahau which is reputed to be the largest carved jade in existence. The 10-lb jade head in Altun Ha is now one of the country’s national treasures. Today a replica can be seen at the Museum of Belize.

Although many have been discovered, Belize Tours offer many archaeological features that are still waiting to be explored. The fact that the ancient Mayans created the mysteries of Belize’s past means that there is still more to know. There are still future discoveries awaiting when you choose on of the many Belize Tours that are offered today. Within the lands of Belize lies more colorful mysteries than what meets the eye.

The Maya of Altun Ha

The History of Altun HaAltun Ha is located in Rockstone Pond Village in Belize, Central America.  It is the most visited Mayan site, in the country. People who want to know more about the ancient Mayan culture, their beliefs, and traditions visit this ceremonial location year-round. The Maya people of Altun Ha left traces of a culture rich in social rituals, mathematics, and the study of the heavens. The temples surrounding the area offer a wealth of information regarding the classical history of the Mayan culture. This site has an area of about 25 square miles and is surrounded by lush forests and vegetation.


It is believed that the Mayans began to populate in Altun Ha around 250 BC. During the early classing period, the population grew to about 3,000. Evidence shows that during this period, people in Altun Ha lived a luxurious life. There are discoveries of important items, particularly in Structure F8, which prove that high-valued items were used by their leaders or rulers as accessories. This is also combined with the discovery of a tomb and remains of an elderly male who wore valuable items which only people of high status were able to wear. Leaders and rulers wore items such as jade necklaces, ear flares, shells, pearls, beads, rings, and other valuable accessories. Many other offerings were also found in the tomb like ceramic bowls and jars. This proves that this location became a center of trade during that period.

More precious items and luxurious burials that symbolize wealth have continued to be discovered. Tombs in temples showed proof the early Mayans were not just rich in culture but literally rich. It is believed that around the 11th century, Altun Ha was abandoned by its people. There were several renewed occupations but they later again vacated. Scientists believe that the main reason for the abandonment of Mayans from this place was due to violence or an actual revolt against their rulers.

Maya Sun God Jade Head

The most dazzling discovery in the Temple of the Masonry Altars is the five kilogram, fifteen centimeter, solid-jade head of Kinich Ahau, the Sun God. This sculpture is the largest jade artifact uncovered to date, in the Mayan world. Since its discovery, it has been the focus of great study and speculation.

The Jade is presently in the Central Bank of Belize but is sometimes in the Museum of Belize for display. It is a natural treasure and  the most valuable icon of the people of Belize. Actually, the jade head appears on Belize banknotes in all denominations.

Temple of Green Tomb

This is also called as Temple A-1 and is known for where a Mayan priest-king was found in his funeral chamber. It was found that his tomb had treasures and offerings. It is believed that the tomb was constructed between the 5th and 6th centuries A.D. It showcases terraced plazas and is called the “Green Tomb” because around 300 jade items were found there.

Temple of the Masonry Altars

This temple is the largest and considered the most important in Altun Ha. It served as the main point of Mayan’s religious rites and activities. Evidence shows that bloodletting and ceremonial sacrifices happened in this structure. During these occasions, it is understood, that jade artifacts were destroyed against the altars.

After quarry work was done in 1968, some of the priestly tombs were found to be destroyed. It is believed that there was a violent rebellion that happened in this temple. The famous carved jade head of the Mayan Sun God, Kinich Ahau, was discovered here in Rockstone Pond Village, by Wilhelm Leslie and another local that were working with Dr. David dPendergast.


It is not easy to travel to Altun Ha which is why cruise ship passengers are the most common to visit this place. You will need an experienced tour guide for more convenient travel to this location. Comfortable clothing and shoes are also suggested because visitors are required to do a lot of walking and climbing up uneven steps. This is required when visiting the site. The weather is usually humid or hot so it is also a good idea to bring sunscreen protection. Pregnant women or those with medical conditions are recommended not to join this trip.

You will enjoy the rich wildlife and different species of birds while travelling to Belize. Due to its green surroundings, many visitors quickly experience feelings of getting closer to nature and ancient communities. When you get there, make sure to climb the highest plaza that you can reach. If you are able to reach the highest part of this famous Mayan temple, you will definitely experience the history of Altun Ha.

Belize Mayan Ruins

Mayan Ruins in Belize.

Ruins Of BelizeThe rain forest of Belize holds secrets and revelations of some of the most intriguing discoveries of the ancient world known as the Mayan civilization. There has been much speculation over the decades about the great people who inhabited this region, and much of that has to do with the many Mayan ruins that are scattered all over the landscape. Belize’s agriculture-friendly climate along with its easy access to the coast and an abundant marine life gave rise to large cities that still impress visitors to this tropical region of the world.

The most visited site in Belize is Altun Ha, it is a favorite of the locals for its history connected to the jade head. Altun Ha is just 34 miles to the north of Belize City, and because of its close proximity to the sea is thought to have been an important trading center for the 1200 years it was inhabited. Approximately 500 buildings found in this location have been restored demonstrating the fine craftsmanship of the Mayans who built this city.

Just to the South West of Altun Ha is Lamanai (Submerged Crocodile). Evidence indicates that this is city was first inhabited somewhere around 1500 BC. 70 structures have been excavated here, but it is thought that there are more than 700 more just waiting to be unearthed on the 950 acres that make up this site. The Temple of the Jaguar is just a short boat ride on the New River that makes its way through a bird reserve where two jaguar masks can be seen flanking a stairway to the temple.

Further South West from Altun Ha is Cahal Pech (Place of Ticks) which overlooks the town and is within a 20-minute walking distance of San Ignacio. It was the royal palace during the Classic period and was used by an elite Mayan family. It is thought that Cahal Pech was settled somewhere around 1000 BC and was abandoned as recently as 800 AD.

Another location that is also to the South West of Altun Ha and just North West of Cahal Pech is Xunantunich (Maiden of the Rock). It is only eight miles East of the border Belize shares with Guatemala. During the Classic period, this Mayan city was a major ceremonial center with 25 palaces and temples as well as the second tallest structure of Mayan construction that exists in Belize. Many consider Xanantunich to be the most impressive Mayan site yet discovered, and it is also the easiest to access. Xunantunich is situated on a ridge, near the banks of the Mopan river in the Cayo District.

Some thirty or more miles South of Xunantunich and further to the South West from Altun Ha is Caracol (Shell) and is located in the highlands of Vaca Plateau. It is often considered to be the most magnificent ruins of the ancient world in Belize, and it certainly qualifies as among the largest that exists of the Mayan culture. This site was entirely covered by the rain forest for more than 1000 years and therefore is not as extensively restored as many of the other Mayan sites since it was only found in 1937 by local logger, Mrs. Rosa Mai. It is thought that Caracoal was the home of 150,00 people which is larger that today’s Belize City.

South East of Caracol is Labaantun (Place of the Fallen Stones) which is to the North West of Punta Gorda by about 15 miles and near the southern tip of Belize. As you can see, we have now traveled from the Northeastern tip of Belize at Altun Ha to the Southern tip. In the right location of Lubaantun, such as the top of the tallest building, one can see the Caribbean Sea. Although it is thought that this place was only inhabited for approximately 160 years, there is evidence that it was a thriving administrative center. Guatemalan obsidian and jade and the remains of deep sea marine life have been found in this location as well as carved whistles and other musical instruments.

Here is a full list of Maya Ruins in Belize

Mayan ruins located in Belize are Actun Tunichil Muknal, Altun Ha, Baking Pot, Cahal Pech, Caracol,  Cerros, Chaa Creek, Colha, Cuello,  El pilar, K’axob, Lamanai, La Milpa, Louisville, Lubaantun,  Marco Gonzalez, Mayflower, Nim Li Punit, Noh Mul,  Pusilha, San Estevan, Santa Rita Corozal, Uxbenka, Uxbenton, Wild Cane Caye, Xnaheb,  Xunantunich and Yalbac.

Flying To Belize

Flying To BelizeAre you looking for a unique and exotic tourist destination for the upcoming holidays? Belize is a perfect vacation spot that you and your family will surely enjoy. This is especially true if you are traveling with your kids. This small tropical country is located in Central America where the famous Altun Ha Mayan ruin is located. Your children will definitely learn many things about the lost Mayan civilization and they will also be amazed by the pyramids, altars and temples at Altun Ha. It is an awesome experience in the rainforest of Belize.

If you are coming from the US, flying to Belize will take an average of 2 hours. Traveling by air is the fastest means to start your family vacation in Altun Ha. Majority of US airlines offer flights to Belize all year round. The best time to visit this country is between May and December. During these months, flights to Belize are not that expensive and you might even avail of large discounts from travel agencies when you book your ticket and accommodation early.

How to get Discounted Flights:

There are several ways to avail of subsidized tickets to Belize. Whether you are on a “budget trip” or not, it’s always nice to get discounts and save money. You can use the cash instead for shopping, eating and going around the city of Belize.

First, book your flight months in advance. You must understand that flying to Belize, just like when you visit any other country, must be planned at least a few months before the holidays. Doing so will give you great savings on tickets and hotel accommodation. Since airlines would like their carriers to be filled with passengers before taking off, they offer discounted fare to travelers who buy their airplane tickets early.

Second, take advantage of last-minute flights. This does not happen all the time. So if you are lucky, you might get the chance of availing a cheap airfare when a passenger cancelled his flight at least an hour before taking off. Make sure that you are included in the airline’s mailing list to be informed about cancelled flights. However, your travel schedule must be flexible if you plan to be a “chance passenger.” Remember that flying to Belize is easy but getting a reservation in hotels is another aspect to consider. You might get a cheap flight to Altun Ha today but you might not be able to reserve a hotel accommodation. So you also have to weigh your options.

Third, search for package deals from travel agencies. Since you you are traveling in a big group, you can look for travel agents that offer package deals inclusive of airfare, hotel accommodation with breakfast and lunch, airport transfers, and sightseeing with a certified tourist guide. Aside from lowering your travel expenses, this is also a relaxing way to spend the holidays because the travel agency will plan everything for you. Some tour operators might charge additional fees for the tourist guide but consider this as a necessity especially if this is your first time of flying to Belize. It would be great to have an expert explain to you everything about Altun Ha and its masonry temples.

Another way to save money when flying to Belize is through promo flights. Tour operators offer such promotional tours at least once a year. If you are a frequent traveler, airlines will surely send you an alert email about these opportunities. Make sure that you are a member of airline programs for frequent flyer to be notified. Sometimes, you will also see these tour agents distributing posters and flyers in malls and other crowded areas. When you see offers of low airfare to Belize, immediately book a flight. You will regret missing this opportunity because flying to Belize is usually very expensive.


Flying to Belize can be affordable if you are a smart traveler. There are many ways to get cheap flights to this wonderful country. Always make an early reservation and stay updated about the latest promos and package deal offers. In this way, you will not miss any chance of saving money on your next trip. If possible, avoid traveling alone too. Invite your family and friends and together you can discover amazing things about Altun Ha and other attractions in Belize.