Belize Tours

Belize-ToursFor those who love nature, adventure, and discovery, Belize Tours have a lot of offer. Found at the heart of the ancient world is Belize, a country located on the coast of Central America. It is known to have pronounced wet and dry seasons, with some variations in weather patterns by region. More than half of its land is covered with forest and natural resources which create a rich biodiversity of marine and terrestrial life.

Its economy is based primarily on agriculture, agro-based industries, and merchandising. It is also the only nation in Central America where English is the official language. It is a very lightly populated country with its people historically recognized to be the descendants of the Maya civilization.

The Mayans are known to be one of Belize’s original settlers. They introduced well-built temples, pyramids, caves, and other unique archaeological features. Within its rainforests lie the most extensive cave systems in Central America which the Mayans considered to be important portals to the other world. They once used the dark portions of their caves for their sacred ceremonies.

The Mayans most popularly known at this time because of their calendar which has given rise to a myth pertaining to the end of the world. However, primitive Mayans were unfortunately believed to have slowly perished due to 200 continuous years of drought. Nevertheless, this civilization made a huge contribution to the beauty of this world.

Though their culture goes back thousands of years ago, it was just relatively recent that some of the most important remains of their culture have been discovered. Today, their remnants are everywhere. For that reason, Belize Tours are undeniably assuming a greater importance in society.

In this generation, Belize is the pride of mother nature. It is where you can have the wonders of the world all to yourself. There is a wide range of diversity of resources beneath the ground, on land,and under the sea. It has a spectacular richness of marine life, towering trees, swaying floras, exotic animals, and lush mountain vistas. It is believed to be among the few places on Earth that have been left unspoiled. Although many have already been discovered, there are still so many secrets in Belize that have yet to be revealed to the world.

The spirit of Belize is known to lie within its rainforests where they serve as home to marvelous plants and animals. The sound of nature with its beautiful rhythm tends to surround the jungles that gives a sense of peace to its visitors. The air of these rainforests is dense with the fragrance of thousands of blossoming trees. A visit to the rainforests will not be complete without having a stop-off at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary which is the world’s only Jaguar preserve. The underground attractions are also a must-see.

Saint Herman’s cave has fairyland structures and streams. There is also evidence that this location was used by the ancient Mayans. Not far from this cave is the Blue Hole which is believed to be a beautiful intriguing phenomenon. Visitors are amazed as a large body of water emerges from deep beneath a massive hill.

One Mayan archaeological site that is worth being proud of is the Altun Ha. Its name was given to the ruins of an ancient Maya City in Belize that was once a flourishing trading center. The Altun Ha is the most extensively excavated of all the Mayan centers in the country that served as an actual ceremonial center for the Mayans.

Altun Ha also contained the ornately carved head of the Mayan’s sun god Kinich Ahau which is reputed to be the largest carved jade in existence. The 10-lb jade head in Altun Ha is now one of the country’s national treasures. Today a replica can be seen at the Museum of Belize.

Although many have been discovered, Belize Tours offer many archaeological features that are still waiting to be explored. The fact that the ancient Mayans created the mysteries of Belize’s past means that there is still more to know. There are still future discoveries awaiting when you choose on of the many Belize Tours that are offered today. Within the lands of Belize lies more colorful mysteries than what meets the eye.